Fresh off her appearance on NBC's Today Show with Megyn Kelly, Dr. Barbara Lipska shares a breathtaking essay and very candid interview. After years of dedicated research on the brain, she suddenly found her own mind taking a strange and frightening turn. 



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As an accomplished neuroscientist who studied the human brain in detail, it’s astounding how Barbara Lipska’s own brain suddenly swelled and changed dramatically—and almost fatally. Looking back, Barbara reflects on her remarkable journey and recovery: “It is like going on a journey to a foreign country and then reporting on this.” 


"I knew about this foreign country from the books. But you cannot read about the foreign country, you have to visit to understand it really. Not only visit, but live there for a while. Live it. And I feel that I lived it. 


So I came back with much more understanding. And understanding, I think, is really tolerance, also. I see that I’m much more tolerant toward my own mother, who is not an easy person, and she’s 90 years old. But I learned how to speak to her with a different voice. And I tell her, 'You know, Mom, I understand you now a lot more.’ And she is… [laughs] She’s responsive to it. [laughs] We never had such a good relationship, I have to say."

"I lived my life, and this is what was given to me, so to speak. And I’m actually much better being on the other side." - Dr. Barbara Lipska

Barbara K. Lipska is director of the Human Brain Collection Core at the National Institute of Mental Health, where she studies mental illness and human brain development. She holds a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Medical School of Warsaw and is an internationally recognized leader in human postmortem research and animal modeling of schizophrenia. 


Barbara has been featured on NPR, The New York Times and The Guardian. She recently appeared on NBC's The Today Show with Megan Kelly. A marathon runner and a triathlete, she lives with her husband, Mirek Gorski, in Virginia.The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind is her first book.

Learn more about Barbara and her work on her website. 




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