This week, we end our first season with a beautifully crafted essay from William Henry Searle. He takes us to the legendary seascapes of the United Kingdom, where he and his wife enjoy an experience that is both exhilarating, intimate and healing. Enjoy and see you next season!

author'S perspective


At its core, Will’s story is about slowing down. It’s about noticing the subtle, tiny moments that can transform an otherwise ordinary day into a life more vibrant and fully lived. After experiencing the tremendous loss and monumental grief of losing a child, one would expect depression to worsen. Yet Will has found the opposite to be true with his wife Amy:


“[The pain and the loss] was something we could both share, rather than it being an exclusive thing, like depression or something like that. Some person may go through a horrendous experience and actually it might trip them down forever. Or it may on the flip side, dare them to live and love again.


I find [a] great sense of nourishment and recuperation in the outdoors. I love being outdoors, [in the wild], wherever as wild possible, wherever I can, in any given moment. I find that very regenerating. And to spend those times outdoors with Amy, together. Even if what we’re going through at that time is […] deeply painful, I find that even still in that pain, being together [is] much more encouraging than being alone."

"Just slow down[…] Give more in each moment[…] Live more in the present." - William Henry Searle

William Henry Searle, PhD., born 1987, in Dorset, UK, is a writer, poet, and environmental philosopher. He grew up in the New Forest where his abiding love and fascination for the natural world took root. His first book, Lungs of my Earth: A Personal Ecology, published by Hiraeth Press, has received praise from writers and thinkers such as Joanna Macy, Satish Kumar, Sir Andrew Motion, and others. He is passionate about restoring the sacred to people’s relationships with the natural world.  


William is currently at work on his next book, Landscapes of Kin, which explores the meanings of intimacy and kinship between people and places, how relationships are made and unmade through time. He lives in the New Forest with his wife and two Welsh Collies, Daisy and Dilly. Learn more about Will’s work here.


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William Henry Searle's Essay "The Hollow of Shell Bay" was originally published by the Bellevue Literary Review

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