Uzochukwu Chima, Host and Executive Producer


Chima is the Founder and CEO of Kaigo Health based in New York. After dealing with much frustrations in the healthcare system while taking care of his son, he founded Kaigo Health to simplify how healthcare is delivered and experienced. Chima created the podcast Restoration Row to examine the healing power of love and human connection through the lens of people from all walks of life. Connect with Chima on LinkedIn. 

Ingeborg Riedmaier, Producer


Ingeborg is a South African - German born actress, voice artist and writer based in New York. She's best known for her lead role in the indie feature film Expiration. Recent highlights include her narration for The Wingman and The Best Man written by Natasha Anders - available on Audible. Visit Ingeborg at

Emma-Jane Fry, Program Coordinator


Emma-Jane Fry is a Health Coach and lifestyle consultant for entrepreneurs and business owners, occasionally you'll find her working in London or NYC but mostly she can be spotted riding inappropriately large motorcycles through the Guatemalan highlands in search of a good coffee. Visit Emma at 

Jared Arnold, Sound Design & Engineering


Jared is a composer and sound designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally a French horn player, he now performs on a wide range of instruments. Jared studied music at Brown University's Computer Music & Multimedia program, and his compositions seamlessly merge classical training with electronic experimentation.

Visit Jared at

Ashley Turner, Editor


Ashley Turner is a freelance writer and editor based in New York City. She is also a published poet, with poems appearing or forthcoming in FIVE:2:ONE, The Squawk Back, and Permafrost Magazine, among others. She holds a BA in English and Music from Florida State University. Visit Ash at 

Éléonore Bem, Illustrator


Also known as Eledraws on Instagram. 

Accidentally devoted her life to drawing comics. When she found out that she was better at expressing her feelings through sketches, she felt like she had a mission to accomplish. Currently working as a freelance Graphic designer and Illustrator from her hometown near Paris, she regularly posts comic strips on her blog and her Instagram account. Visit Éléonore at