Abigail, a modern dancer living in Brooklyn, New York, travels across the ocean on a desperate hunt to find a cure for her chronic pain. She ends up in an old hovel in Paris, where she is forced to give up most of what she thought she knew to regain her health and rediscover herself. 

author's perspective

Abigail's advice to anyone going through a similar ordeal:


1. The thing that's going to heal you may not be the thing you expect to.

2. Healing may not look like what you think it would look like. It may not look like going back to who you were before.


"It may change you in a really profound way. The experience may change you in a way that you could have never anticipated, and it's okay. I think that for years I was really clinging to this desire to be who I had been or to be in the body I had been in and I felt really betrayed by that. And everything I tried was in the name of trying to return to that person and that wasn't possible. That's just part of aging. I never wanted to accept that I'm going to live with pain forever, although people do and also not everybody heals or at least not in the way they want it to look.” 


"Cooks work with burns, medical residents with sleep deprivation, dancers with pain... This was my logic." - Abigail Rasminsky

Abigail Rasminsky has written for The New York Times, Washington Post, The Cut, Marie Claire, O: The Oprah Magazine, Guernica, and Dance Magazine, among other publications. She's a regular contributor to Healthyway.com.


She lives in Los Angeles with her family and is working on a book all about the back injury that ended her dance career and the crazy journey she went on to heal her body. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter @AbbyRasminsky.


Ingeborg is a South African - German born actress, voice artist and writer based in New York. She's best known for her lead role in the indie feature film Expiration.


Recent highlights include her narration for The Wingman and The Best Man written by Natasha Anders and available on Audible. Visit Ingeborg at www.ingeborgriedmaier.co.za

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